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Terms of Service ​​​

1. Participation in the drive-in cinema
By purchasing the ticket(s), the purchaser accepts the general terms and conditions of the Aegeri drive-in cinema listed here and undertakes to convey these to all participants who attend the event as part of the ticket purchased. Entry to the event site is only possible on presentation of a valid ticket. This can be ordered online in advance. In the event of unlawful behavior by visitors, the organizer has the right to refuse these and/or directly affected persons entry/stay on the event site.

2. Implementation regulations/postponement/cancellation of the event
The performances of the Aegeri drive-in cinema are generally held in all weather conditions. If the wind is too strong or there is a severe thunderstorm (force majeure), the screen cannot be raised and the film screening must be canceled or postponed. Decisions are at the discretion of the organizer and based, as in the case of the screen, on the specifications of the suppliers. Visitors are asked to check any reports in this regard three (3) hours before the door opens on the day of the booked event via the website (autokino-ä

3. Ticket price refund
In principle, the ticket price will not be refunded. In particular, bad weather conditions do not entitle the ticket to a refund. In the event of cancellation due to force majeure (force majeure), the organizer will consider exchanging the tickets for an alternative film screening.

4. Rules of conduct at the Ägeri drive-in cinema
Basically, the organizer asks the visitors to actively contribute to the relaxed atmosphere of the event. Visitor cars will queue upon arrival at ticketing and will be parked at the discretion of the organizer using the "first come first serve" method. Invited "special guests" may pass through the queue accompanied by the staff. The films are generally launched on time and never before the official start time. Depending on the weather, parking effort and/or other external influences, there may be delays, about which visitors will be informed via the car radio. The film sound is broadcast exclusively on a VHF/FM frequency. Visitors are responsible for ensuring that their car has the technical equipment to receive the film sound from the Aegeri drive-in cinema. All films are shown in German without subtitles. However, the organizer rejects any liability for technical defects or incorrect information (e.g. in the case of the film master, information about the film on the packaging or on third-party websites). Any visible light installations on the vehicle must be switched off during the film screening. Visitors are encouraged to study the vehicle's instruction manual in advance, as some new cars have complicated on-board computer functions. The organizer has the right to cover permanent lights that affect other visitors without being liable for any resulting damage. Sound and film recordings of the film shown are prohibited and punishable. The organizer is entitled to take recordings made in this way or, as far as technically possible, to delete them. Alcohol consumption is the responsibility of the participants.

5. Safety Rules/Disclaimer
The organizer is committed to the greatest possible security, but assumes no liability for property damage, personal injury or financial loss in connection with the organization and implementation of the event. Otherwise, the statutory liability provisions apply. Unterägeri, April 30, 2021

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